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Why would you be getting this 403 Forbidden page?

The number one reason anyone would be seeing this page is that one of our chat room moderators has placed a ban on your ip adress. Not following the etiquette rules of our web site, or violating the terms of service, could cause your location to be permanently banned from ever accessing this web site ever again.

Sex chat and other content throughout this site are for adults who want to enjoy hot erotic sex chat, sexual situations and graphic depiction of sexual activity.

Do not post phone numbers, messenger IDs (skype, yahoo, msn, aol IDs, etc) , or email addresses in the chat rooms, blog comments or forum posts.
Do not post commercial urls, or urls to other chat services, or porn sites.
Do not use our chat rooms to promote any commercial or affiliated service, or web site.

Using the chat rooms, forums, and or blog commenting features are also subject to our etiquette terms.
Those users who do not follow these chat room etiquette rules may find themselves, and their IP address or individual computer address permanently banned from our network of sites without warning. Unapproved uses of our services may also open you up to civil and or criminal liability, including but not limited to lawsuits.
Therefore it is very important to read and understand the etiquette terms / rules.

Using our site to solicit commercial endeavors, to promote other web sites, to harass or defame any individual, including people’s fictitious screen name personas, may open you up to civil and or criminal liability.

You may not tell other users of methods that could used to minimize the ads displayed from our web site. This would be considered serious conspiracy for theft of services. Our free services are provided to users on the basis of advertisements being displayed around those services - minimizing the display of these in any way would adversely affect our ability to continue to improve our services for the users.

Republishing any content from this site, in whole or in part is strictly prohibited.

You may not use any type of automated service, unauthorized bots, or otherwise connect to our services in anyway that would disrupt the user experience in any way, or change the intended display and flow of our services.

We will prosecute those who abuse our services.

You may not use our site to ask for money or ask for visitors to your site. You may not solicit prostitution or have discussions about sex acts with anyone younger than eighteen (18) years of age.

You may not use of this site, or any feature of this web site to investigate, stalk, or in any other way track people or an individual person, their conversation, behavior, location, or any other personal information. You may not copy or republish any of the information on this site, posted by users or not.

By posting information on this website, users agree that this Global Adult Media associated website has joint copyright to the material so that we may prevent copying and republishing of content. We may also use portions of publicly viewable chats, posts, or other comments on other portions of this web site, or our partner web sites to help promote or educate our sex chat sites.

You may not triple login to the free chat room system ever. Doing so is grounds for permanent banning.

Additional terms may be posted and apply for the various parts of this website, such as forum posting rules. If you use those services you need to follow those rules as well.

If you feel that this ban has been placed upon you in error, and pleast note that only 1 ban out of 500 is ever removed, you can re-read the etiquette rules, the terms of service, and if you feel that you have not violated in of these, you can contact the web site admins and beg to re-access our site.

Sex Chat Room Etiquette and Rules

No one under 18

No flooding the room with  the same comment over and over

Some conversation styles are not appropriate for the lobby or public rooms. If you and someone else decide that you both want to engage in conversation that some may find offensive, then take your conversation to private messages or another chat room within the system. You can find other rooms by clicking on the rooms tab, and you can also create you own room, and you can password protect it if you want to limit the conversation to certain people that you pm the password to.

Do not post phone numbers, email addresses, or IM (Instant message, like yahoo, msn, skype, etc) in the chat rooms

Do not post commercial urls, or urls to other chat services, or porn sites.

No cam invites

Do not use our chat rooms to promote any commercial or affiliated service, or web site.

No hate speech, no religious talk, and no politics in the lobby.

Chat Room Etiquette

NO USING ALL CAPITOL LETTERS unless sparingly and necessary

Ask someone in the public chat if they want to private message, hitting them up with pms when not already being invited is bad manners to most people.

Be nice to the moderators, mods are busy people, and we have a lot on our plates. We can easily misunderstand something someone is typing, so be polite. We can kick out and permanently ban you and your ip address just for taking up our time, being rude and short with the mods can make that happen faster.

Nick Name Guidelines -

Many people find conversations in chat room faster and easier when the screen name chosen has additional asl info like: Sam-25m or Jenny31Lez or Mel29-f-CA its not necessary, but helpful to have some additional info in your screen name.

The following are not allowed in nick names and will result in being kicked by the moderator:

No IM IDs (yahoo, msn, skype, etc) or e-mail addresses

No phone numbers

No URL based names

Any nickname with incest, rape, or pedophile in it or any variation deemed unsuitable by the moderator(s).

Further, the use of cam or webcam or camera is not allowed in nick names. This is for your protection from web cam scammers. If a nick name contains cam or some derivative of that, be aware that that individual could be a web cam scammer. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE YOU MEET ONLINE A CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!!

The word Boy in a nick is highly discouraged. Either drop boy from your nick name or add your age to the nick name.


This web site follows the ASACP guidelines for unacctable terms using any of the terms listed above in your screen name or lobby conversations will get you permanently banned from using this web site.

In addition to the Chat room etiquette rules, this site also enforces a strict terms of service, which is updated from time to time.

If you think your ip address or computer has been banned by mistake, you may contact the site administrator, and inquire further.

Please include your ip address, you can find your ip by going to www.ipchicken.com

Please note, that the admins only check these emails about once every three weeks or so. Sending another email will not speed up the process of reconsidering your bad behaviour or possible mistaken identity.

Contact site admins here:

Okay people - if you really want to beg to be un-banned - you will have to send me a payment of $7 just to consider the issue. I warn you though, if you have been listed as a spammer, or as someone who said they were not over the age of 18 - I will not un-ban you, and I will keep your money. So, if you are prepared to pay for my time to look into why your ip was banned, and consider undoing that, then email me at: please@globaladultmedia.com

You will need to tell me what your ip addy is - you can find it by going to www.ipchicken.com, and you will have to make a payment through paypal of seven dollars before I will even read your email- the paypal payment option will be available soon - if I research the reason you were banned and decide to reconsider it, I may ask you to take a webcam photo of yourself with a picture ID and send to me for verification.


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